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Kung Fu Tea is not the name of a type of tea or tea. It is a combination of tea brewing techniques and tea sets. The reason why it is called kung fu tea is because the way of brewing tea is very particular. It takes a certain amount of work and a unique tea set to operate.
Gongfu tea originated in the Song Dynasty and was most popular in Chaoshan area of Guangdong and Zhangzhou and Quanzhou in Fujian. It is the inheritance and in-depth development of tea tasting art since Tang and Song Dynasty.


The tea culture of Chaoshan Gongfu Tea is divided into regions and calls itself a faction. Those who have had a little exposure to Chaoshan tea culture will notice a small detail, that is, during the drinking process of Chaoshan Gongfu tea, no matter how many people drink tea together, there are always three cups. Why is this?
The first is the tea culture derived from humility.
Chaoshan Gongfu Tea uses three cups mainly because of the habit inherited from the parents. Like this, the three cups are placed in the word "pin", which is the embodiment of tea culture in Chaoshan area. Secondly, it can reflect the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation - "humility". Imagine four or five people sitting around drinking tea with only three cups. Everyone is humble to each other, and the interaction increases, the atmosphere will become more harmonious, and the emotional communication between people will also deepen.
The second is about practicality.
From a practical point of view, a 150ml gaiwan is commonly used, and one brew of tea can just fill three cups. There are too many cups, and the tea is not full, which is stingy and impolite. If there are too few cups, too much tea soup will overflow. If the remaining tea soup is in the justice cup, it is not appropriate. Therefore, three cups is the most appropriate amount. Moreover, if a friend comes to visit temporarily, it will be more calm, and there is no need to get up to find a cup.

In Chaoshan, every household has a Gongfu tea set, and they must drink several rounds of tea every day. Even with Chaozhou people who live abroad or immigrate overseas, the custom of drinking Gongfu tea is still preserved. It can be said that where there are Chaozhou people, there is the shadow of Gongfu tea.

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