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A Touch of Spring in Xiangfeng Longjing Tea

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 Xiangfeng Longjing Tea comes from the core region of Longjing tea plantation.

In April, the spring breeze is blowing over China. Every spring, it is a gluttonous feast of green tea for tea people. From south to north, from early spring to late spring, green teas with different flavours grow wantonly in tea areas.

After winter, tea lovers always think about the Longjing tea which seems to have become synonymous with Spring. Only when they see the fresh green leaves dancing in the cup will they not miss the lovely spring.
In the thousands of years of tea history in China, there are many intriguing teas, but only Longjing stands out as a typical representative of Chinese tea, and its status is unshakable.

The tea is named after Longjing (Dragon Well) which is the name of the place and the spring(well). Longjing is located in Longjing Village, Wengjia Mountain, Hangzhou, alongside the west lake. According to legend, Longjing will never dry up even in severe drought. The ancients believed that this well was connected with the sea, and there was a dragon in it, so it was called Longjing (dragon well), or West Lake Longjing.

As we all know, West Lake Longjing, as leading in a wide variety of green tea varieties, is frequently listed on the top 10 premium teas in China and often ranks first. It is mainly due to the huge consumer group of green tea, the scarcity of West Lake Longjing itself, and the four unique characteristics of West Lake Longjing "green colour, fragrance, sweet taste, and beautiful shape"; it also benefits from the unique charming culture combined with nature and humanities in West Lake Longjing.


West Lake Longjing is from 30°20'-30°40' north latitude, located in the core part of China's green tea production area and is uniquely endowed by nature. It is adjacent to the West Lake in the east, Qiantang River in the south, and surrounded by mountains on three sides, which can absorb the gentle wind and drizzle from the south and block the invasion of the northwest cold current. Soil, temperature, sunshine, rainfall, etc., form a unique microclimate environment that is beneficial to the growth of Longjing tea leaves.


The name of West Lake Longjing tea roughly began in the Song Dynasty, and it has been more than 1,200 years. At that time, Su Dongpo, a great litterateur in the Northern Song Dynasty, wrote famous poems and calligraphy about Longjing when he enjoyed Longjing leisurely at the foot of Longjing Shifeng Mountain.

After more than 600 years of prosperity in Kang and Qianlong, West Lake Longjing was favoured by Emperor Qianlong. He went to the south of the Yangtze River six times, visited the tea area four times, and bestowed the eighteen tea trees in front of Hugong Temple as "Royal Tea". Even after the founding of the People's Republic of China, the West Lake Longjing remained undiminished, becoming the favourite of Mao Zedong (Chairman Mao), Zhou Enlai (Prime minister Zhou), and other national leaders, and served as a national gift tea to entertain important foreign guests.

Longjing Tea will be evergreen and long-lasting fragrant both at home and abroad.

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