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The 17th China Tea Industry Economic Annual Conference was held, Xiangfeng Tea Group was awarded the "Top Ten of Top 100 Tea Enterprises in China"

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The 17th China Tea Industry Economic Annual Conference was held, Xiangfeng Tea Group was awarded the "Top Ten of Top 100 Tea Enterprises in China" 


Opening Ceremony of the 17th China Tea Industry Economic Annual Conference.

On October 27th, The 17th China Tea Industry Economic Annual Conference was held under the guidance of China National Supply and Marketing Cooperative,  jointly sponsored by by China Tea Circulation Association, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Agriculture and Rural Department, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Supply and Marketing Cooperative Association, Liuzhou Municipal People’s Government, organized by Liuzhou Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County Co-organized by the People’s Government and Liuzhou City Supply and Marketing Cooperatives, and co-organized by various provincial tea industry organizations across the country.

The ceremony of the "17th China Tea Industry Economic Annual Conference" and the 2021 Chinese Tea Brand Ceremony was grandly held in Sanjiang Dong, Liuzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region The Autonomous County Doye Square.


Speech by Zong Yi, Deputy Director of the Board of Supervisors of the China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives


Speech by Zhang Zhuang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Liuzhou Municipal Committee and Mayor of Liuzhou Municipal People’s Government
President of China Tea Circulation Association.

Speech by Wang Qing, Chairman of the National Tea Standardization Technical Committee .


In the brand ceremony, the China Tea Circulation Association released the "2021 China Tea Industry Annual Survey Results", officially announced the annual top 100 enterprises and the top 100 counties, and reported to the "2021 "Three Tea Coordination" first counties" "2021 Tea Tourism Fusion Feature County", "2021 Tea Industry Leading Enterprise", "2021 Tea Export Leading Enterprise", "Chinese Tea Master", and "2021 Tea Industry Development Advanced Individuals" and other collectives or individuals issued plaque certificates.
 Changsha County, Hunan Province was rated as "2021 Top 100 Counties in the Tea Industry" and "2021 Smart Tea Industry Model Area". At the same time, Hunan Xiangfeng Tea Group Co., Ltd., located in Changsha County, was selected by the China Tea Circulation Association as:

"2021 China's Top 100 Tea Enterprises",
"2021 Tea Industry Leading Enterprise", ranked fourth.

2021 Tea Industry Leading Enterprise

Company Name

Hunan Province Tea Group Co.,Ltd

Tianfu (kaiman)Holding Co.,ltd

Huamingyuan International Group Co.,Ltd

Hunan Xiangfeng Tea Group Co.,Ltd

Sichuan Emeishan Zhuyeqing Tea Co.,Ltd

Bama Tea Industry Co.,Ltd

Xiaoshi Tea Group Co.,Ltd

Beijing Zhangyiyuan Tea Industry Liability Co.,Ltd

Huangshan Can Tea Industry Co.,Ltd

Hunan Hualai Biology Technology Co.,Ltd

"Best-selling tea brand in 2021"

Best -Selling Tea brand in Hunan , 2021

Hunan Xiangfeng Tea Group Co.,Ltd


Yiyang Tea Factory Co.,Ltd


Hunan Baishaxi Tea Factory Co.,Ltd by Shares


Hunan Yiqingyuan Tea Industry Co.,Ltd


Hunan Xiangfeng Tea Group Co., Ltd.is a model enterprise in the integrated development of the tertiary industry in Hunan Province. It ranked fourth among the top 100 comprehensive strength enterprises in China's tea industry in 2021, and it is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization. It has a well-known trademark in China, a national professional center for tea processing equipment research and development, a national AAA-level tourist attraction, a provincial-level enterprise technology center, and a provincial-level engineering technology center; it is a two-type demonstration base in Hunan Province and a key point in Hunan Province and Changsha City Listed reserve enterprise and good social responsibility demonstration enterprise.

Xiangfeng Tea Group Headquarters


Garden factory


Xiangfeng Tea Manor, a national AAA tourist attraction


Xiangfeng Tea Garden Tent Hotel


National Standardized Tea Base Xiangfeng Feiyue Base

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