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Spring tea is coming

Author:XIANGFENG TEA     Time:2022-02-28     Hits:4959

Why Chinese people are obsessed with spring green tea?
Every year around the Qingming Festival is the busiest time for Chinese tea gardens. People hope that this kind of oriental leaves can be harvested all year round, but even if it is grown in the tropics, the best tea starts in spring. Chinese people especially appreciate the tender tea in spring. I don’t know since when, people have fallen in love with the bitter fragrance of spring tea. The development of tea can be traced back to the legendary Shennong tasting all kinds of herbs, and a large number of plants have become crops. , Chinese herbal medicine, only tea, has since become a beverage.


Tea can bring excitement and pleasure to people, which is actually due to theophylline and caffeine. During the transportation process, people will fry the tea leaves and make the tea bricks into tea bricks. During the transportation process, the tea leaves will automatically ferment and form The unique taste of fermented tea, fermented tea does not pay attention to the picking time, because theophylline and caffeine in the tea have a balanced content and have nothing to do with the season. In fact, this is the true meaning of tea, and it has little to do with the season of picking.


But Chinese people especially like spring tea, which is almost a metaphysical pursuit. Beginning with Lu Yu's tea classics, spring buds are the first pursuit of people when picking tea. Why is spring tea better than summer and autumn tea? If you have to find a reason, it is probably people's pursuit of amino acid umami. Spring tea has the most amino acids, so the whole tea fragrance is stronger than that of other seasons.
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